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The experts at Valley Tank Service in Venice, UT have compiled a list of FAQs about our septic tank cleaning and inspection services. If you are not sure about why septic tank or grease trap cleaning is important, then check out the frequently asked questions below. Let us know if you do not find answers to your questions.

Q. What is a septic tank?

A. A septic tank is a watertight container, generally made of concrete, that is buried on your property and that receives wastewater from your home.

Q. How often should my septic system be cleaned?

A. Septic tanks should be pumped and inspected every two years, but cleaning depends on the size of your tank and the frequency of use.

Q. How do I know what kind of system I need for my property?

A. A septic designer can advise you about what system would work well with your specific property and needs.

Q. Why do I need to have my septic system inspected before I sell my property?

A. Utah real estate and loan company regulations state that a property’s septic system must be inspected before the buyer can be approved for a loan. Buyer beware and get the field inspection.

Q. If I am not experiencing any problems with my septic system, do I need to have it pumped?

A. Absolutely! Regular septic system maintenance is the only way to ensure that your system will remain problem-free. We can help you determine the frequency of pumping based on your household/commercial usage.

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